WVOHOA Call for Nominations

WVOHOA is in the process of nominating several WVOHOA members to the Board of Directors. Nomination Contact and/or Questions: Tom Moore, WVOHOA Director

As a member you too can nominate from your peers as well as self nominate.

WVOHOA members are participants by homeowners helping homeowners!

Elections via Zoom: June 19, 2024

– accept a three-year term
– be in good standing with WVOHOA
– be in good standing with your own community/business
– attend WVOHOA Education Sessions 2 hours a month Jan-Nov
– attend WVOHOA Board meetings 1 hour a month Jan-Nov
– communicate with fellow homeowners
– be geographically located within the state of West Virginia
– successfully complete Board of Director Training
– cannot be an elected official at the county, state or federal level

What our status is:
– WVOHOA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit registered & current with the IRS
– WVOHOA is registered & current with the WV Secretary of State
– WVOHOA is registered & current with insurance
– WVOHOA is in compliance with WV Code §31E
– WVOHOA is an all-volunteer Organization

What we do not do:
– WVOHOA does not have delinquencies
– WVOHOA does not place liens on property
– WVOHOA does not have covenants
– WVOHOA does not have hired staff
– WVOHOA does not provide legal advice
– WVOHOA does not endorse businesses
– WVOHOA is not affiliated with any political party
– WVOHOA is not a planned community, residential or commercial

TIP: There are three classes of membership in the Organization – all are equal
– a homeowner association
– an individual, and
– a business

Nomination Contact and/or Questions:
Tom Moore, WVOHOA Director