CorporationSOS_link NOTICE: The 2018 filing procedures and requirements of the Secretary of State have changed. Carefully read the procedures and follow the directions to be successful.

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To find out the status of your HOA if current or revoked enter your HOA’s name, business name or organization’s name in whole or part –  the results will return with pertinent information regarding the type of business (HOA’s Business Code=8134*), county name, dates and the Executive Board.

 NOTICE August 2020 the WV SOS’s website is reporting 404 errors – WVOHOA tries to keep up with the WV SOS’s website updates –  links on this page are being updated accordingly.

NEW website address for WV SOS is:

*see WVOHOA FAQ#113

It is required that West Virginia Homeowner Associations register annually with the Secretary of State . Nonprofit corporation” means a nonprofit corporation without capital stock or shares as defined by WV Code §31E-1-150

EXAMPLE: Secretary of State Reminder Postcard sent to HOAs
Currently (2019) the WV SOS will send an e-mail reminder to those that have filed online for renewing – be sure you have passed WV SOS information onto your new Board of Directors each year.

Your HOA’s Annual Report requires update of officers, members, partners, directors, addresses & agent for service of process, and other information the Secretary of State deems necessary and important.


$25 a year, if received by midnight July 1st due date.

If received after July 1st the following fees apply:

  • Profit – $75 (includes $50 late fee)
  • Non-Profit – $50 (includes $25 late fee)

Call cashier at 304-­558-8000 to use your credit card as a payment.

Should the registration not be completed a stiff penalty is added to re-apply 

Filing Form due date no later than MIDNIGHT JULY 1 of each year:

Annual Report Filing

  • January 17, 2018 – Blank forms are no longer available on the Secretary of State’s website. Therefore, HOAs will need to either file online or contact the office by:
    E-Mail: or
    Telephone:  1-877-826-2954
    to request an annual report form to be sent to you. Report requires update of officers …

important message(s) & quick help located at the right on the WV SOS page:


If you have any problem finding what you are looking for, please contact:
toll free 866-­767-8683 or
e-mail at

WV Secretary of State may charge document copy fees.

Martinsburg satellite office Eastern Panhandle Business Hub
Caperton Train Station Building
229 E Martin St & Caperton Station, First Floor
Martinsburg, WV 25401

2-15-2018 update: E-Mail Contact:  Amanda Brown, Business & Licensing Specialist
304-356-2652 Direct (or you can choose to leave a message)

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1900 Kanawha Blvd.
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Main: 304-­558-6000

Business and Licensing:

Toll-Free: 1 866-­767-8683
Investigation Hotline: 877-­372-8398
Fax Number: 304-­558-0900
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM
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10-24-2019:  What to do when completing your required annual report online and you’ve made errors you yourself  cannot correct.
Contact Ms. Penney Barker, WV SOS Director of Business & Licensing Division
(304) 356-2646 Direct
Ms. Barker can access your online form to correct your error in most cases.

additionally: General Q&A information is also available at:
How to reinstate a Revoked West Virginia Corporation:
How to obtain copies of your CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION, ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION and other documents held by the WV Secretary of State can be found at:
Northwest Registered Agent, LLC. – Agent#  99cyq

Hinton, WV 25951 – Summers County