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EPOHOA current calendar dates. Meetings are on Wednesdays and Saturdays. All meetings
are open to the public.

County Property Tax

Locate your own real estate and property tax. Learn the appraisal, how to appeal and deadlines to pay your county tax.

Court of Law

Protected: A variety of homeowner cases. Learn what our courts have decided in the best interests of your HOA.

Acronyms & Abbreviations

The names of hard to remember, titles, departments, agencies and documents that challenge our recall.

Latest News

HOA related news articles, happenings and published works by a variety of journalists, authors and homeowners like you.


West Virginia code, amendments, bills, status and related issues concerning your HOA


Your Frequently Asked Questions answered by EPOHOA. All references to local, state and federal laws the original document of record shall prevail.


The written rules by which the Organization is governed by setting forth the structure & procedure of the board, the  Organization, and  determine the rights of participants.


Extensive efforts were undertaken to obtain comprehensive information, for your convenience and expressly understood as a source for reference ONLY.

Certificate of Incorporation

The legal document from WV Secretary of State, providing license to form
and operate the Organization.

Apply On Line

Join others and apply online for your membership to EPOHOA.


EPOHOA’s catalog of professional guidelines, books and journals related
to handling the business of  homeowners association.


Contact us as a financial sponsor to support one or more of our programs,
events or projects.

Governing Documents

Protected: HOA governing documents, policies, declarations, plats and more.

Education Workshops Seminars

Protected: Workshops are taught by professionals and invited guest speakers.
Workshops require an RSVP.


Setting the bar HIGH – difficult issues EPOHOA members decided to hurdle.


WELCOME NEW MEMBERS – Working together by sharing information and increasing

Governance policies and practices most appropriate for the Organization
in assuring sound operations and compliance.


EPOHOA’s most recent agenda including the archive of past agendas.

EPOHOA Education

Index to educational and public events.

County Documents

Locate your own deeds, plats, marriages, births, and more filed with your
county clerk.

That’s right, you can reach us in several ways including:
304-­728-2201 or
304-­724-6323 FAX

Public Database

Access county & state public information – taxes, documents, filings,
research friendly.


EPOHOA’s most recent minutes including the archive of past minutes.

Did you hear the one about ...

Variety of HOA related comic representations received and gathered around the net.

About Membership

The basics for membership, including our sliding scale outlining the fees
for membership.

EPOHOA Seminars

Protected: Academic sessions, sponsored and taught by sought after professionals.
Seminars require an RSVP.

Community Associations Institute

Learn about innovations in other communities and opportunities to share
information and knowledge with your peers.


Single-subject tutorials by example, typically presented during meetings.

Useful Web Links

External websites that may help you locate more information.

EPOHOA County Ordinances

A random variety of ordinances relative to counties of West Virginia within the Organization’s membership.

Library Archives

Protected: Review significant resources within EPOHOA’s website – in all
cases the original document shall prevail.


Helpful information to aid YOU in the business of handling a homeowners

HOA Homeowners Survey

Your completed survey will support the strength of the Organization by sharing
information and increasing knowledge.

About Us

Our current & previous directors and background about EPOHOA.

EPOHOA Members Only Directory

Protected: Expressly intended for the EPOHOA Board of Directors.