WVOHOA Documents

The official documents from 2009 through the current year that provide information about the Organization [previously JCOHOA & EPOHOA and now atatewid WVOHOA] thereby establishing the West Virginia Organization of Homeowners Associations, Inc. formally registered within the state of West Virginia and the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America.

A tax-exempt organization must make available for public inspection its approved application for recognition of exemption with all supporting documents available and its last three annual information returns. The organization must provide copies of these documents upon request without charge (other than a reasonable fee for reproduction and copying costs). Penalties are provided for failure to comply with these requirements.

The legal document from WV Secretary of State, providing license to form and operate the Organization, and the amendments to change the name of the Organization.

West Virginia State Tax Department – required registration to do business in the state of West Virginia.

The Organization is recognized as a private foundation under the Code 501(a)(2) and exempt from Federal income tax under the Code 501(c)(3)
WVOHOA is exempt from the U.S. Corporate Transparency Act
Understanding the differences between 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4)

 NAME CHANGE from JCOHOA 8-24-2009 to EPOHOA 12-20-2011
The Organization was granted a name change from EPOHOA to WVOHOA by the IRS 4-1-2019

The written rules by which the Organization is governed by setting forth the structure & procedure of the board, the Organization, and the rights of participants.

Governance policies and practices most appropriate for the Organization in assuring sound operations and compliance.

Who we are, what we hope to accomplish and suggestions for homeowner/condominium associations, individuals and businesses within the state of West Virginia.

WVOHOA Board of Directors’ continuing education – professional membership to:
Community Associations Institute (CAI) 20191
HOALeader 2024


1 WVOHOA Board of Directors voted not to apply for a CAI chapter in 2022 and again in 2024. WVOHOA does not have the structure, support staff or finances to comply with CAI’s chapter criteria. WVOHOA homeowners help homeowners by promoting our sole mission “SHARING INFORMATION – INCREASING KNOWLEDGE”.