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One of the major goals of EPOHOA is to be recognized as a Community Associations Institute Chapter [CAI] in West Virginia. At this time there are no WV chapters.

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Attached – Procedure for Establishing New CAI Chapters

FACT: WV Chapter of CAI – For those who attended the Community Association Day August 13,  2011, it was apparent that state legislation is needed to address many of the problems facing WV HOA’s. Individuals and HOA’s can join the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and when there are 50 members, a WV Chapter of CAI can be formed. A portion of the CAI membership dues are given to the chapter to hire a staff person to address local needs and once there is a chapter in WV, the CAI legislative staff will begin identifying the existing WV laws hampering HOA operations.  (an example of one Chapter’s bylaws)

EPOHOA 2011 Minutes

    Federal and State legislative Yearbook
    Government & Public Affairs Department
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The requirement of CAI is 50 individual members from one state to qualify; the following are current individual members who have joined CAI in support of our goal:

  1. Bentwood Estates, Representative Robert Ryan
  2. Breckenridge North
  3. Breckenridge Owners Association, Representative Craig Daniel
  4. Carriage Park, Representative Kathy Knight
  5. Clagett Management
  6. Cloverdale Heights, Representative Nance Briscoe
  7. Coventry Group
  8. Doody Calls
  9. Gap View Secretary
  10. Gap View, President
  11. Gap View, Treasurer
  12. Gap View, Vice President
  13. Property Management People
  14. Rees Broome
  15. Stonebridge Property Owners, Member at Large
  16. Stonebridge Property Owners, President
  17. Stonebridge Property Owners, Secretary
  18. Stonebridge Property Owners, Treasurer
  19. Stonebridge Property Owners, Vice President
  20. Stoneleigh Homeowners Association, President
  21. Stoneleigh Homeowners Association, Vice President
  22. Stoneleigh Homeowners Association, Treasurer
  23. Stoneleigh Homeowners Association, Secretary
  24. Stoneleigh Homeowners Association, Director
  25. The Townes of Inwood, Representative Mary Mclean

others to be added …



EPOHOA is working very hard to gain at least 50 CAI members so we can assist homeowners as a WV Chapter. CAI has national and international recognition and strong presence, they are a 501(c)4 which places them at the federal level to lobby for and on behalf of homeowners and their respective associations. At this time we have CAI members within EPOHOA. Without CAI it is a difficult struggle for homeowner organizations such as EPOHOA – WV has never had anything like our growing organization and they are very watchful of us these days as our membership increases. We are becoming visible in Charleston and working hard with 36B UCIOA to protect HOAs.WV HOAs are no longer just sitting by the side remaining as a self sufficient servitude and paying tax – HOAs are requiring representation, laws that are fair and a voice in our state. CAI has helped us learn and together we will become a strong group of homeowners, after all, our homes are the largest investment we’ll ever make.2012 EPOHOA Membership Chairman


While joining CAI on your own is important, joining your entire board ensures you are making informed decisions- and an excellent way to help your board members achieve the results, respect and recognition they deserve. To take advantage of discounts when joining boards of two or more, call our Member Service Center at (888) 224-4321 FREE (M-F, 9-6:00 ET) for dues pricing.

Annual membership dues are $130.
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