Terms & Conditions

The West Virginia Organization of Homeowners Associations, Inc.’s website is provided entirely by volunteer support in compliance with the bylaws and WV Code 31e(17) “Nonprofit corporation” means a corporation which may not make distributions to its members, directors or officers.


The annual cost of the Organization’s website includes:

  • Hosting with SiteGround, a Virginia located company
  • Domain names: wvohoa.org, .com, and .net, and our
  • WordPress Template(s)
  • WordPress plugins e.g. Ninja Forms, Arconix FAQ and Relevanssi 
  • Google search engine optimization (SEO) capability with Attracta

These expenses are paid using our annual membership dues.


The development & maintenance of the WVOHOA website includes:

  • Volunteer use of privately owned hardware & software
  • Volunteer development of graphics & text transcription


WVOHOA uses annual dues for the following purposes:

  • Renting facilities to hold monthly meetings as well as events & workshops
  • Providing insurance for our Organization, the Board of Directors and public outreach events
  • Maintaining WVOHOA.org website and tangible marketing materials
  • Providing outside speakers and refreshments at our workshops
  • Remaining current with the Secretary of State’s annual requirement for corporations
  • Interacting with our state legislature in Charleston concerning WV Code 36B, and
  • Membership to Community Associations Institute (CAI) for the WVOHOA Board of Directors, and
  • WVOHOA’s audio/video education sessions