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Requirements of the Declaration for WV Homeowners Associations
WV Code §36B-2-105
(a) The declaration must contain:
(1) The names of the common interest community and the association and a statement that the common interest community is either a condominium, cooperative or planned community;
(2) The name of every county in which any part of the common interest community is situated;
(3) A legally sufficient description of the real estate included in the common interest community;
(4) A statement of the maximum number of units that the declarant …
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September 3-7, 2019 just the scoop on HOA security cameras
By Scott Weiss – Washington Post; an attorney at Ortale Kelley Law Firm in Nashville and a fellow of the Community Associations Institute College of Community Association Lawyers
Before an owner considers installing a security camera, he should consult the association’s bylaws and declaration. Almost every association has within its governing documents a section that requires owners to obtain approval of any improvement or change to the exterior of their property. The installation of a surveillance camera would be subject to . . . written policy covering the minimum:

  • What happens when the footage is created?
  • Notice of who can have access to the footage.
  • How long should recordings be kept before they’re destroyed?

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July 23, 2019 WVOHOA Mid-Year Review
By Bob Ayrer, WVOHOA President
It is the program mid-year and the organization’s new fiscal year so I am sending a note to let you know about the progress we are making as an association.
A new Board of Directors was elected with many continuing to participate. I have been reelected President for one more year while Gary Stewart is our new Vice President. Keith Veler is continuing as Treasurer, and Phyllis Smock continues as Secretary. Nance Briscoe continues as our multitasking Membership Chair, and our new member, Steve Rose, is your At-Large member. Thank you all for your support.
This program year we began videotaping our workshops and seminars to make them available through our Web site to the rest of the state. Our challenge now is . . .

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June 14, 2019 Airbnb begins collecting WV sales tax
by Williamson Daily News
Airbnb, the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, started collecting West Virginia’s 6% sales tax on behalf of its affiliated hosts in the state, the company said in a news release.
West Virginia passed HB2813 WV Code §11-15A-6b earlier this year and it was signed into law by Gov. Jim Justice. It authorizes platforms like Airbnb to collect the state’s sales tax. Airbnb will deliver the revenue to the West Virginia State Tax Department.

WVOHOA COMMENT: is there a conflict in doing Airbnb business in your WV residential only HOA?  Are you using your home as an Airbnb in your HOA legally?  Read your governing documents.
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March 22, 2019 HOA Architectural Review Committee Court Case Summary
by Lawrence Szabo, Esq.
This case is relative to ARC time limits, action and DCCR restrictive covenants.
One person cannot be the deciding factor, timelines restricted by governing documents must be followed,  TIP: Processes of an HOA’s decisions are imperative, Too many HOAs suffer from lack of homeowners willing to participate and then one person steps up and becomes a lone enforcer.

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February 2, 2019 Broadcast WVOHOA: Ignorance of the law is no excuse
Several of our WVOHOA members have received inquires from different mortgage companies regarding information critical in obtaining a reverse mortgage and/or refinancing for their home(s).

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minimum requirements

January 2019 Audio/Video for 2019 was made possible by our members.
WVOHOA began recording Education Sessions including Workshops & Seminars in 2019 and capturing radio interviews. An important decision made by the Organization’s Board of Directors to expand statewide. The audio/videos are provided to reach our members across the 55 counties of West Virginia.


HOA Board of Directors Training

provided by: Montgomery County, Maryland
This unique free training is conducive to good management skills to handle the business of an HOA even in West Virginia. WVOHOA encourages any HOA Member, director or not, to increase their knowledge.

Members of a community association board of directors in Montgomery County, Maryland have been provided with basic training. WVOHOA continues their relationship with Maryland’s COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE FUNDAMENTALS.

reference correspondence:
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October 2019 a unique special education session was graciously provided to WVOHOA Members and the general public in attendance, the files and video are available at:  https://wvohoa.org/education/enter-workshops-and-seminars/

Community Governance Fundamentals updated January 2020


Community Governance Fundamentals

TIP: this unique online training course is geared for your own speed. The course will remember where you left off – that’s right,  you have the freedom to come and go at will.

WVOHOA Formal Recognition – Board of Directors Training Certificate of Successful Completion