91. My HOA is concerned about optional insurance coverage, can you help us? Is there anything on sinkholes?

HOAs must have insurance and are sometimes unaware of optional coverage.  We have provided a summary of non-definitive options. The attached article is in the public domain. It may help the reader to understand options by learning about Errors & Omissions (E&O) for their current HOA insurance as well as their members’ individual homeowner insurance coverage.  WVOHOA encourages everyone to contact their own insurance carrier for information.

Sinkhole insurance may not provide coverage for damages from mine subsidence, so be sure to review your policy carefully to see if you need additional insurance.

Mine Subsidence: [the keyword to look for in your insurance policy]
Man made underground mines, including, but not limited to coal mines, clay mines, limestone mines, and fluorspar mines and recently fracking/drilling collapse.

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one example:
HO 04 99–Sinkhole Collapse

This endorsement provides coverage for direct loss caused by sinkhole collapse, and renders the basic policy exclusion of earth movement inapplicable to such an occurrence. Sinkhole collapse is physical damage suffered when underground action of water on limestone or similar rock strata causes the actual collapse or settlement of the earth supporting the damaged property.

also see FAQ #77