85. What are the statute of limitations for assessment delinquencies in an HOA?

WV Code §55-2-12 (1959) (Repl. Vol. 2000) provides, in pertinent part, that [e]very personal action for which no limitation is otherwise prescribed shall be brought . . .

(c) within one year next after the right to bring the same shall have accrued if it be for any other matter of such nature that, in case a party die, it could not have been brought at common law by or against his personal representative.

WV Code §36B-3-116(d) (1986) (Repl. Vol. 2005), “[a] lien for unpaid assessments is extinguished unless proceedings to enforce the lien are instituted within three years after the full amount of the assessments becomes due.”

reference reading: Stone Gate Homeowners Association, Inc., et al, Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia – Filed May 10, 2007