82. I am a committee representative for our HOA, do I have to provide a report to the HOA Board of Directors?

Typically all committees should/must maintain and publish notice of their actions to unit Owners through the Executive Board. It is smart to provide written summary for the Board of Directors to include within the minutes as part of the permanent record of proceedings.

For example, when your HOA Board appoints you as their representative to attend meetings outside of your HOA, e.g. WVOHOA, County Commission, Planing & Zoning or perhaps contractors being considered and yes, even state legislation assemblies, etc., representatives attend, like you, on behalf of their HOA.

As your HOA representative, you agreed to attend related meetings and/or assemblies faithfully and with due diligence. We encourage you to always inform your HOA of date, location, subject, proceedings, and summary facts covered. Should handouts or materials be made available you should also bring those back to your HOA Board for circulation to your homeowner members.

Sharing information is indeed increasing knowledge!