78. What are some of the comments/questions asked of WVOHOA at the home show?

There are so many – we’ll provide several popular & persistent comments/questions received during past home shows.

1. Obtaining HOA governing documents was the most frequent request with a second being how to learn who the board of directors are from a particular HOA and what are their terms.
2. Homeowners do not know what a reserve study means and how/why it would be beneficial to their members and common areas.
3. Homeowners want to know how to get a hoarder to respond and bring their property into compliance.
4. Homeowners were generally dissatisfied with the lack of knowledge their HOA Officers demonstrated regarding violations, fines and “calming irate neighbors”.
5. Homeowners do not receive any training or HOA courses in learning how to operate the business of their association. They complain it is by “osmosis” they manage their association’s business. Always trial and error, though more errors.
6. Homeowners cannot receive guidance from local or state and nothing from their delegates or other elected office holders to aid them in answering questions after their development has been built out.
7. Homeowners want to know how to file harassment documents against an offensive board officer, including trespassing, removal & destruction of homeowner property and physical abuse.
8. Homeowners do not understand their fiduciary responsibilities, especially the requirement of filing with the Secretary of State or forwarding their own HOA responsibilities on to the next elected board of directors.
9. Homeowners did not realize that an HOA is NOT responsible for damage or poor workmanship by the builder to their individual property. That the Association is responsible ONLY for common areas.

NOTICE: these comments/questions were from homeowners in single family & townhouse residential subdivisions.