75. What’s the big deal about hearings in an HOA?

Hearings are a BIG DEAL and they are in place to work with you – a homeowner in an HOA. We’ll use the annual assessment for this example, however it could be another type of covenant violation regarding an  issue within your governing documents. This is how it should work:

When the Treasure or Board of Directors does not receive your annual assessment after you have received your invoice AND you continually remain silent on the issue, they have no recourse but to provide you with a notice of a scheduled hearing. They must provide a date, time, and location of your hearing. You should attend to speak up for yourself, it is not mandatory. The hearing is confidential, no other homeowners attend. This is your opportunity to be heard, explain your issue, learn what the consequences could be, work out an agreeable plan and follow through with correcting your requirement of paying your assessment thereby halting a probable lien placed on your property.

Remember, you’ve elected your Board of Directors to handle the business of the association and providing a hearing is but one instance of good business.

CONFIDENTIALITY: The members of the Board of Directors learn personal information about residents during a hearing concerning covenant violations and past-due assessments. They must treat your information confidentially. They may NOT discuss information learned at the hearing outside of the hearing even with other board members.