70. What does fiduciary responsibilities really mean?

Fiduciary responsibilities are the operation of the business of your HOA by managing finances & maintenance, keeping detailed records and protecting the HOA with insurance (protection of HOA common area and the Board of Directors) is typically initiated by your HOA board of directors and in some cases by a management company. Unfortunately not all HOAs consider insurance a requirement.

Serving on the Board can be an important way to impact and help maintain the well-being of your community while continually improving property values. Remember, to serve responsibly, and avoid potential legal liability, you must understand your unique governing documents to adhere to fiduciary obligations as an HOA Board member. These responsibilities MUST be forwarded to each Board of Directors every year.

HOA homeowners rely on their board of directors to follow the required fiduciary responsibilities. Don’t drop the proverbial ball concerning fiduciary responsibilities because you may believe no one cares.