65. Our HOA budget has a line item for potential fines levied on delinquent homeowners if they pay their annual dues late so our budget looks healthier. Some of our homeowners argue that this is wrong – is it wrong?

You cannot count  “pie-in-the-sky income based upon fines”, that’s like telling the finance company you should qualify for that million dollar loan based upon next year’s overtime at your place of employment.

However, your HOA does develop a budget. An HOA budget consists of line items in real dollars typically based upon the previous year’s expenses and income. The HOA’s expenses and income must be made available to the members. Best policy: promote transparency.


WV §36B-3-118. Association records.
The association shall keep financial records sufficiently detailed to enable the association to comply with section 4-109. All financial and other records must be made reasonably available for examination by any unit owner …

WV §31E-15-1502. Inspection of records by members.
(a) A member of a corporation is entitled to inspect, during regular business hours at the corporation’s principal office, any of the records of the corporation …