To answer your popular question we will assume your HOA is compliant with all or parts of WV Codes 31E, 36B and your governing documents.

Here are the customary steps: (typical example)
1.) During the Annual Meeting a list of nominees are announced and in some cases nominations from the floor are included.
2.) Nominees are then individually introduced; they express their reason(s) to be elected to the Board of Directors.
3.) Voting commences, winners are announced.
4.) The HOA then has a brand new Board of Directors.
5.) Depending on your governing documents, within a few days the new Board of Directors must meet and they elect their Officers. (typical example)

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary and
  • other elected director(s) as member(s) at large or another defined title of position

(This meeting, as well as any meeting of the Board, is open to all members of the HOA.)

6.) The HOA then has its fiscal year slate of Officers and those names, positions and contact information are circulated to all members of the association.

Members of the HOA must remember:

  • The Board of Directors serve at the pleasure of the homeowners.
  • The Officers serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.