42. What’s the difference between a director and an officer for my HOA?

Board members, directors, officers, executive directors, directors at large are typically rolled up into one package. They handle the business of the association. Together they carry the same weight at regularly scheduled board meetings.


  • The directors serve at the pleasure of the members.
  • The officers serve at the pleasure of the directors.
  • Most if not all HOA governing documents outline actions of the directors and/or officers


1.) During the Annual Meeting homeowners nominate from their peers to be considered for the board,
2.) ballots are passed out to those in attendance, some may have proxy votes from homeowners who could not attend,
3.) ballots are collected and the votes are counted,
4.) highest vote = a board member, then
5.) the newly elected board meets (usually at a later date) and they then elect their officers.

Executive Board constitutes the basic officer positions of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary, and
  • remaining number of board members – aka Directors at Large