41. I’m a voting member of my HOA and at the Board meetings they won’t let me vote – can they do that?

Purchasers in an HOA are automatically members AND they carry a vote; typically one vote one lot. However, you vote at your Annual and Special Meetings, they are the meeting of members.

As a voting member, not on the Board (you voted from your peers at the Annual Meeting to elect your directors to handle the business of the association) you do NOT vote at a regularly scheduled Board meeting.

A regularly scheduled Board meeting is specifically for the Directors to handle the business of the association during the fiscal year. The business of the association is the mandate your Board must follow by respecting the fiduciary requirements of your Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions as well as your Bylaws and other guidelines, policy, resolutions and line item(s) of your approved budget.


1.) at the Annual Meeting members voted to obtain a snow plowing contract not to exceed $10,000 dollars for that fiscal year.

2.) at the regularly scheduled Board Meeting the officers voted to circulate a bid for proposals, the proposals arrived, the officers reviewed them, the officers voted to choose one contractor. Thus, they’ve satisfied the members’ vote by obtaining a snow plow contract – by handling the business of the association.

also see FAQ# 13, 15 and 17.