37. My neighbor mentioned anyone can make free calls to a bank of WV lawyers – is that true?

On Tuesday nights the WV State Bar operates the Tuesday Legal Connect. Volunteer lawyers take calls from the public, and offer suggestions and guidance about their questions. Every Tuesday evening from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., lawyers volunteer their time to answer questions that are presented by men and women throughout West Virginia on a toll free telephone line. The lawyers listen to the citizens’ comments and questions. They help the callers assess:

  • Whether the caller really does have a legal problem.
  • Whether there are some simple steps the caller can take to try to solve their problem without a lawyer.
  • Whether the caller really does need to have a lawyer to help them.

 The volunteer lawyers can provide general legal information. But they cannot provide direct legal advice or legal assistance about your case. To give legal advice, a lawyer would need more information and details than a short telephone call can provide. To reach the Tuesday Legal Connect, call 1-800-642-3617

 West Virginia Online Legal Help allows eligible users to post a legal question to a private messaging system. The questions are answered by volunteer attorneys. Users of West Virginia Online Legal Help can check the system for answers at any time. All information posted is held in strict confidence.

West Virginia Online Legal Help is a project of the West Virginia State Bar. The website is administered by Legal Aid of West Virginia.