33. Is there a cost for WVOHOA’s workshops, and can members of non-WVOHOA associations attend?

Workshops & Seminars are FREE to all WVOHOA Members in Good Standing

 November 2016  EPOHOA initiated a nominal fee policy for non-members (HOAs, Individuals & Businesses)

  • $20 per person: Non-member with  RSVP registration no later than 10 days prior to a workshop or seminar.
  • $25 per person: Non-member without  RSVP registration.

Cash or check accepted at the door – no credit cards.

WVOHOA Workshops & Seminars typically include educational packets, handouts and light refreshments.
Seating is limited, preference is given to WVOHOA Members in Good Standing.

HOAs, Individuals and Businesses are encouraged to seriously consider WVOHOA Membership.

Sharing information by increasing knowledge is the major goal of the WVOHOA workshops & seminars.
WVOHOA Membership Application