152. My HOA is part of the old WV Orphan Road Program, so how come I still have to pay my annual assessment to maintain our roads?

The WV Orphan Road Program, also known as the Home Access Road Program (HARP) ended in 2001.  WV generally maintains orphan roads when scheduled.

When you voluntarily purchased your home in an HOA that purchase included your voluntary consent to follow the restrictions that run with the land, namely, your Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, it’s contract law. Within the Declaration you’ll find requirements to pay your assessment every year. You might not understand your annual HOA budget includes expenses your yearly assessment financially supports.

Think about it: landscaping, entrance monument, snow plowing, legal counsel, pool, life guard(s), tennis court, clubhouse, street lights, fire hydrants, website, newsletters, management company, and yes, even administrative supplies & homeowner social programs. The list of expenses can go on and on.