151. Why can my HOA stop me from putting up a political sign during election year?

First, review your current Declaration for a covenant restriction pertaining to signs. Most WV HOAs have a restriction similar to:

No signs of any kind may be displayed for public view on any Lot.

No advertising signs or billboards of any nature shall be erected, placed or maintained on The Properties, with the exception of a single one square foot address identification sign, builder’s job location sign and/or one real estate sign offering the premises for sale, none of which exceptions shall exceed four (4) square feet in size.

No sign of any kind larger than one and one half (1.5) square foot shall be displayed on any Lot, except temporary signs in connection with the construction, lease or sale of buildings or Lots, except street name and directional signs.

TIP: for any WV homeowner association: the property purchaser voluntarily consented to follow the covenants, conditions and restrictions when they completed their settlement documents. That agreement is and remains consensual as long as they remain an owner of record in their community. (yes, there are ordinance exceptions through county, municipality, township, etc.)