144. My HOA declaration refers to Chapter 31, Article I, Section 27 that we are to follow and I cannot locate it – can you help us?

Most HOAs registered with West Virginia prior to 2002 typically include this same reference citation. Remember HOA rules cannot override state law, therefore your HOA is smart to be aware of state law updates.

Chapter 31 Corporations (including Article 1 and Sections 27 and 28) in the 2002 Vol. 1 Acts of the WV Legislature was repealed entirely, and replaced with Chapter 31E West Virginia Nonprofit Corporation Act.
Passed March 9, 2002; in effect on June 7, 2002. Approved by the Governor.

TIP – Repealed means the removal or reversal of a law. There are two basic types of repeal.
   1.)  a repeal with re-enactment (or replacement) of the repealed law, or
   2.)  a repeal without replacement.