132. What’s the best advice for buying a home in an HOA in WV?

WVOHOA cannot provide legal advice, though we can provide known information to assist you. The following criteria is important prior to your decision to purchase within an HOA in WV:

Your own overall review should include:

  • Care & Condition of common areas, e.g. roads, pool, tennis court, play yard, street lights, signage, and the condition of the homes in the community. The importance of care & condition is relative to the responsibilities of the HOA corporation to preserve & increase the overall property value.
  • The  current status of the HOA with the West Virginia Secretary of State.
  • Obtain and read a copy of the most current governing documents which should include the Declaration of Covenants (recorded & filed in the county where the HOA is physically located).
  • Review WV Code §36B Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act.