13. When I attend a monthly HOA meeting I am ignored and told by the Executive Board I cannot participate, how come?

Your Executive Board represents you, the membership, while following an agenda for a regularly scheduled meeting. They are responsible to present an issue, make a motion, a second, have discussion and then vote to approve or not to approve the issue on the table.

Typically attendees listen and do not interject during the business of the meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting it is common practice to open the floor to the attendees, the individual homeowners, this is called a public forum.

During the public forum you participate, discuss and/or challenge any issue. The results may take the position of being deferred to one or more future meeting(s) for the Executive Board to consider and/or act upon. Or the issue may be something as simple as an announcement by an individual homeowner. Most HOAs include a summary in their recorded minutes of the public forum because it opens transparency to the whole of the community and provides interaction with the homeowner members.

Many HOAs follow the standards outlined in Roberts Rules of Order, a procedure, not a federal or state law, for maintaining decorum and fairness. Most follow WV CHAPTER 31E. WEST VIRGINIA NONPROFIT CORPORATION ACT which outline the Board of Directors legal procedures to handle the business of the corporation, your HOA.

(remember – an Annual Meeting is not a regularly scheduled board meeting – big difference)