124. I am on my HOA board, so how do I find out who is a member of our HOA?

WV Codes §31E-7-720, §31E-15-1501 and §36B-3-116 as amended, are some, not all, the legal requirements for homeowner associations to maintain an annual alphabetical name & address list of current members (owners) including your current directors & officers every year and must be available to all members within your HOA.

Many HOAs develop a community directory and include (non-required) lot number, telephone number and e-mail address to make their community more neighborly to reach each other. Many HOAs also include a community map as well.  With the addition of telephone & e-mail your HOA board should develop an agreeable policy – for example:

  • The (HOA name) Directory is not provided to third parties, or
  • The (HOA name) Directory is confidential and cannot be circulated outside of the association, or
  • The (HOA name) Directory is solely for the convenience of our community, or
  • The (HOA name) Directory cannot be distributed in whole or part to anyone outside our community for any purpose.

Protecting you and your members is key.

TIP: there will always be a member saying “I know the law, I know my rights…”