123. When was the WV orphan road program stopped?

WV Code §17-2C-6. Termination of orphan roads and bridges program; report to the Legislature.

The orphan roads and bridges acquisition and maintenance program established pursuant to this article will terminate on December 31, 2001.

On or before January 30, 1999, and annually thereafter, the commissioner of the Division of Highways shall submit a report to the Legislature which recounts the activities of the program and the roads and bridges which have been accepted into the state maintenance system. The report shall include a breakdown by county of those roads and bridges being maintained, the estimated costs associated with maintenance and any other information the commissioner deems necessary. Before January 30, 2002, the commissioner shall also submit proposed legislation formulating a policy for the designation and acceptance into the state system of orphan roads and bridges in the future.

Orphan roads, a problem in search of a solution

by Brooks McCabe, The State Journal 2018

about the author: Brooks McCabe has been active in commercial real estate for 35 years. He is a former 16-year state senator from Kanawha County and special project consultant to The State Journal on business and economic development issues.