119. My HOA says they follow the business judgement rule, what exactly is that?

HOA governing documents typically refer to a requirement for directors & officers as  “acting in good faith”, aka the business judgment rule.

and … WV Code §36B-1-112. Obligation of good faith.
Every contract or duty governed by this chapter imposes an obligation of good faith in its performance or enforcement.

The business judgment rule is a tool of judicial review, not a standard of conduct. The rule

(1) shields directors from liability and protects decisions made by directors when the rule’s elements – a business decision, disinterestedness, and independence, due care, good faith and no abuse of discretion – are present and a challenged decision does not constitute fraud, illegality, ultra-vires conduct or waste, and

(2) creates a presumption that directors have acted in accordance with each of the elements of the rule.

[“ultra-vires”  means acting or done beyond one’s legal power or authority]

courtesy: American Bar Association, UCIO Bill of Rights