113. Our HOA is having difficulty in the “business code” we are supposed to use in our WV SOS form, can you help?

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) contains important information to assist you. The most recent is:

2017 NAICS Manual. Typically amended on 5-year intervals.

8134 Civic and Social Organizations” which is a MEMBERSHIP ASSOCIATION. e.g. HOAs. This is the BUSINESS PURPOSE code the WV Secretary of State will use to identify your HOA.

We have highlighted several areas in this NAICS  document. WVOHOA does not and cannot enforce the use of any NAICS codes;  we only provide known information.

reference: https://www.census.gov

04-29-2022 for questions, assistance, guidance contact Chris Alder, WV SOS Division Director of Business & Licensing Division at (304) 356-2617.  Mr. Alder can assist you with your issue(s) in most cases.