106. I keep calling the management company for our HOA about things I see in my community that are not taken care of – what’s the deal?

Your HOA may have a contract that states only the board of directors interacts with the property management company.

Many associations have property managers whereby they are given unique written responsibilities by the HOA’s board of directors as part of the contract. Management companies are required to successfully satisfy the business of the association, examples are:

  • Invoicing the annual assessment,
  • handling delinquencies, hearings, liens,
  • maintenance of roads, landscaping, pools, tennis courts, toe paths and other amenities,
  • newsletters, correspondence, other announcements, and
  • many more issues too numerous to name here.

The property managers are agents, e.g employees, of the directors and the ultimate responsibility for making sure the common areas are properly maintained falls on the board of directors, NOT the property managers. Property managers should have an annual/quarterly or 6 month review ( just like you would at your place of employment).

As an HOA Member it is YOUR responsibility to attend board meetings as well as notifying your board of directors with issues you are concerned about. The Board will contact the management company, it is the board’s fiduciary responsibility to follow through.