103. Do you have anything on West Virginia HOAs?

WVOHOA’s Board of Directors is a member of Community Associations Institute. We’ve provided CAI’s fast facts on West Virginia.

CAI supports public policy that recognizes the rights of homeowners and promotes the self-governance of community associations—affording associations the ability to operate efficiently and protect the investment
owners make in their homes and communities.

When state legislatures consider amending the laws governing community associations, CAI recommends consideration is first given to well-drafted model statutes that are the product of non-partisan, thoughtful deliberation.

These statutes are developed and promoted by the National Uniform Law Commission (2021 Suggested Amendments) —the Uniform Condominium Act (known in WV as 36A) and Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (known in WV as 36B), also known as UCIOA.