Practical information about a specific subject, e.g. our website, WV’s legislature bills & laws, ethics, etc. . There has been no attempt to be comprehensive and cover every single issue, subject or activity. These tutorials are retained for furthering education.

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  1. How to Track a West Virginia Bill  2-17-2016
    PDF 19 pages – 6MB
  2. HOA ETHICS – the health and well being of good leadership 3-19-2016
    PDF 30 pages – 101KB
  3. HOAs & SOCIAL MEDIA  4-13-2016
    PDF 23 pages – 800KB
    Additionally “
    Our Industry Has a Social Media Problem
    by Sterling Jenkins April 20, 2016

  4. Tips Tricks & Secrets of EPOHOA’s Website 7-18-2018
    PDF 30 Pages – 3MB