Did you hear the one about …

Did you hear the one about ... Everyone enjoys a laugh or two as well as a picture worth a 1,000 words. The following HOA related comic representations have been received by WVOHOA  over the years from homeowners like you. We’ve also included a few others from the Net  – copyright restrictions may apply. We know you’ll enjoy this lil’ distraction.









Academic Fair Use Bizarro HOA Fun


Academic Use Goff HOA Fun


Academic Use Glasbergen HOA Fun


Academic Use Goff HOA Fun

Academic Use Goff HOA Fun


Academic Use Goff HOA Fun



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What is fair use?
For those of us who would appreciate a clear, crisp answer to that one, we’re in luck. The Center for Social Media and Washington School of Law at American University are sponsoring development of a growing number of Fair Use Best Practices statements that inform a fresh approach to the subject and make it easier than ever to know what’s fair. The Best Practices statements follow recent trends in court decisions in collapsing the Fair Use Statute’s four factors into two questions: Is the use you want to make of an other’s work transformative — that is, does it add value to and re-purpose the work for a new audience — and is the amount of material you want to use appropriate to achieve your transformative purpose? Transformative uses that re-purpose no more of a work than is needed to make the point, or achieve the purpose, are generally fair use.