2023 Nominees

There are three 3-year term directors’ positions open for election to be held on Wednesday June 21, 2023 by WVOHOA members in good standing prior to the education session that same evening . The following summaries have been provided by the nominees:

I am a native of Keyser, WV and have a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University and a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University. I am semi-retired from Northrop Grumman following a 38 year career as a rocket propulsion engineer, program manager, and director. My wife, Jan, and I reside in the Lakewood Subdivision in Mineral County. I have served on the Board of Directors of the Lakewood Property Owners Association for the last six years, including three years as its Treasurer and three as President. I look forward to sharing knowledge and lessons learned to improve the credibility, professionalism, and business acumen of our HOAs.

WVOHOA Comment:
Lakewood Property Owners Association (194 homes 231 lots) is located in Mineral County, WV and a member of WVOHOA since January 2022. Tom successfully completed the Board of Director Training.

I’ve lived in The Woods full time since 2015. My move to The Woods was an intentional move to an active HOA community, which seemed uncommon in WV at that time. I have previous HOA experience with my condo in Germantown, MD where I lived from 1990 to 2003. When I moved to The Woods I was aware of potential challenges of a structured community and determined to become involved with committees and the HOA board. I’ve been a member of the Architectural Control Committee since at least 2016, and the Governance Committee for the past few years. I chose them because they have the most impact on daily life in an HOA. The Board has asked me to fulfill the term of other Directors who had stepped down from their positions on two separate instances. I am currently up for election for a full 3 year term which will coincide with this WVOHOA position. I hope to do justice to each or both if I am accepted.

My career was with the Justice Department in Washington, DC, from 1974 until my retirement in 2000. The last 10 years at Justice I served as a Contracting Officer. During my first year on The Woods board I attended a few EPOHOA training sessions. That’s when I had a ‘light bulb’ moment. I hadn’t thought of our HOA documents as contracts. They were HOA rules to live by. Now I see them as contracts for the success of the HOA and the care for and of the people and properties of the community. I live in a dynamic community with growing pains. I offer my black and white perspective of adherence to our governing documents, with a consideration of neighborly independence when change is needed.

WVOHOA Comment:
 from the Woods Homeowners Association, a master association (1,260 Homes 1,385 Lots) is located in Berkeley County, WV and a member of WVOHOA since February 2012. Lucile successfully completed the Board of Director Training.

I have 23 years of Common Interest Community Management experience, and I currently hold three Community Associations Institutes Certifications, including a Professional Community Association Manger, (PCAM), Certification. I have managed communities in Maryland, Colorado, Nevada, and West Virginia. I currently manage the Glade Springs Village Property Owners Association in Daniels West Virginia with over 800 Homes and 1,646 Lots we are located in Raleigh County, WV, and I have been a member of WVOHOA since July 2022.

WVOHOA Comment:
from Glade Springs Village Property Owners Association ( 800 Homes 1,646 Lots) is located in Raleigh County, WV and a member of WVOHOA since July 2022. Linda successfully completed planned community higher education credentials.

* Credential Acronyms:
PCAM: Professional Community Association Manager
AM: Association Management Specialist
CMCA: ​​Certified Manager of Community Associations
CAI: Community Associations Institute