The following WVOHOA Members have been nominated to run for the WVOHOA Board of Directors.  Summaries received are included for your information. Election scheduled June 15, 2019 at 9AM prior to the Workshop/Seminar.

random order…

Steve Rose – The Woods, select:    SUMMARY

 Robert Ayrer – Spring Mills, select:  SUMMARY


in process of receiving summaries from the following nominees:

Larry Lam – Spring Mill Farm

James Correy – Lake Forest (declined due to existing workload)

Bruce Low – Rattlesnake Run (declined due to personal issues)

Bill Ashforth – Whiting’s Neck (Please defer my nomination for one year. I am not opposed to serving, but this year I could not give it my all. )

Mike Carroll – Rattlesnake Run (Declined)

Dan Toland – The Woods

Denise Ciotti – Westridge Hills

Jennifer Beidler – Forest Haven (declined due to conflicting schedules)